hi, Welcome to my little corner of the internet. my name is tara.

I have been a resident of New York City for the past five years, currently living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Before that, I spent the first eighteen years of my life in South Florida dealing with humidity. Then I spent four in Philadelphia for college, where I discovered and honed my love of baking while procrastinating problem sets. Many times I would be making muffins at midnight to break up the all too frequent all-nighters I pulled.

I studied Computer Science/Computer Graphics in school (+ a fine arts minor) and am currently a full time, full stack Software Engineer for a media company. Having an office to bring sweets to is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To counteract what doesn’t make it into the office, I am constantly trying to find ways to be exercising. I am an avid runner, biker (I stubbornly CitiBike to work most days), and walk everywhere. Right now I’ve completed 6 half marathons and 1 century ride!

If we can get nerdy for a second, I am very proud of this website you see here. The “tech stack”, as one would say, is pretty cool. I am using React, which is a component based Javascript library for building UI’s. That is wrapped in an instance of GatsbyJs, which is a React-based, GraphQL powered, static site generator (makes for better SEO and file hosting!). All the posts are written in markdown, which is a lightweight markup language for text syntax. Once I make updates and build it, it hooks into GitHub Pages and automatically updates the site!